bell hooks & Melissa Harris-Perry discuss Black womanhood at Cuny

bell hooks & Melissa Harris-Perry discuss Black womanhood at Cuny

“pushing of the imaginiation, a broadening of how we think about things…(bh)/James Baldwin & sentimentality/Fanni Lou Hamer/”Patriarchy is killing Black men.” (bh)/”what nurtures that radical self? what holds me up?” (bh)/how do we protect our black female voices?/who is not being imaged? where is our de-colonized images?/freedom is a constant struggle./Renisha McBride/liberation theology/Black feminism/”shaming is the most dangerous thing in marginalized communities…because then we do not organize and just say if only you had made different choices then everything would be fine.” (mhp)/”shame produces trauma, trauma produces paralysis.” (bh)/there needs to be a space to love masculinity that is not patriarchal./part of our (Black) genius is that we don’t need to see it in order to pursue it. (ie freedom) (mhp)/if you work for freedom, one of the ways to work for freedom (…)is to move away from binaries (…) and to look at images of complexity. (bh)